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Under A Dead Sky

Under A Dead Sky Short Film

Editing for YouTube

Editing Service for YouTube

Save Time and Money

YouTube offers many creators fantastic opportunities to showcase their work. Many of you have shot, or are planning to shoot some really great footage that you can’t wait to share. Our team of award-winning editors work around the clock to ensure that we take the pressure of editing off of your shoulders completely. Using state of the art Adobe Suite software, our team can easily create the look and feel you are going for, along with motion graphics and visual effects. Give us a holler and tell us how we can help with your next YouTube project.


Our editing team has worked on everything from motion pictures to commercial content. We can do it all.


We understand that sound is of the utmost importance for just about any video. Even if you don't have the most sophisticated mic setup, we will do whatever we can to enhance the sound quality of your video.


Color can sometimes make or break a video. Adding the right color pallet for a content piece is key when trying to convey a certain mood. Your video(s) may not even require color grade but never-the-less we always ensure that your video pops for your audience.


Need an explosion or a lightsaber in your video? Let us take care of that. Our team is also well versed in After Effects and Nuke. We can add ALMOST anything to make your video stand out visually.

Single Video

  • Custom Solo Video Plan
  • Dedicated Editing Team
  • Professional Quality


$ 399
  • 1-3 Day Turnaround
  • 50 GB Space
  • Upload to YouTube/Vimeo


SAVE 15%
$ 339
  • 1-3 Day Turnaround
  • 100 GB Space
  • Upload to YouTube/Vimeo


Most frequent questions and answers

We have a Google Drive account that you can easily upload everything to. Upon selecting a purchase package, you will receive further instructions. You can also send your footage via hard drive to our P.O. Box. Which is:

13089 Peyton Dr. STE C301 Chino Hills, CA 91709

Please include a return address so we can send you back your hard drive. 

If you live in the SoCal area, we may be able to arrange pickup of your hard drive.

Delivery times vary depending on length and overall production value needed. Typically, a YouTube creator video will take approximately 2 days turn around. A solo commercial/brand web video will vary. Essentially, if your video has little need for any extra effects or other special requirements, we try to have our video done in as little as 2 business days and in some cases, next day.

Audio is typically one of the most important things for any video. We HIGHLY recommend investing in good audio equipment over a good camera. We do our best to work whatever magic we can to salvage poor audio quality, but sometimes magic isn’t enough. It’s best to capture quality audio during production than to try and save it in post production.

No problem! We would be happy to edit your non-YouTube project.

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🎥 The Last Dojo
🎥 Under A Dead Sky (May 2019)

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