The Last Dojo

In his own words, sensei Fumio Demura (“The Real Miyagi”) shares his thoughts and recollections on how his legendary dojo came to be and the American martial arts culture it inspired.

Under A Dead Sky

Under A Dead Sky Short Film

Editing & Color Grading

One of the most creative aspects of any film or video is the post production process. We want to help you with that. Film & video editing is an art form in itself. It is how your initial vision for your project becomes reality. There are many aspects to editing from shot selection, to music integration, to color grading. We could go on. Because of all of the variables involved, editing a film or a even a video can take an extraordinary amount of time that you may not have. This is where our Skycraft editing team comes in. With years of experience in editing and color grading, our team can piece together your project exactly how you want it.


We like to use Adobe Premiere Pro as our preferred platform to edit our projects.  It is a professional caliber tool and integrates seamlessly with Adobe After Effects which we use quite often.  Our editors are professional filmmakers and will listen carefully to what it is you are trying to achieve with your film or video.


Adobe Screen


For color grading we prefer to export our projects to Da Vinci Resolve.  Resolve is an industry standard color grading tool that is used by many Hollywood studios to grade their films with.  It is one of the most flexible color grading suites we have ever used and love using it for our own personal projects.




  • Discovery meeting regarding your project and your vision.
  • Send files either by large format email or hard drive via postal.
  • Skype collaboration during editing process if desired.
  • Draft project link delivered for review.
  • Changes made if necessary.
  • Final product delivered and all original files returned.
The process is very simple and collaborative.  Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the final product.  We also make multiple backups of your files so you can rest easy knowing your project is safe with us.  So whether you’re shooting a feature film, or a YouTube video, why not save some time and let us take on the burden of editing your project for you?

We offer a competitive rate of $75/hour with a FREE discovery consultation.  Reach out and say hi!


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