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The Last Dojo

In his own words, sensei Fumio Demura (“The Real Miyagi”) shares his thoughts and recollections on how his legendary dojo came to be and the American martial arts culture it inspired.

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Under A Dead Sky

Under A Dead Sky Short Film
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Curt Apduhan

A drama reel for Curt Apduhan.

Curt Apduhan

Curt Apduhan Monitor

Director – Cinematographer

The power of film is the result of inspired collaboration. And at Skycraft Studios I have found a passionate team who use their talents to put story first in the pursuit of quality filmmaking.

I have been creating films and branded content for over twenty-five years starting in the film age when each foot of film represented thousands of dollars of production value. The lessons learned from the golden age of film have evolved my craft to meet the new demands and challenges in this exciting world of digital acquisition.

Over the years I have been blessed to have my work screened at major film festivals including Sundance, Slam Dance, Mill Valley, Cinequest, Docu Weeks, Toronto, and Locarno. I have been honored with a cinematography Emmy for my work on AMARGOSA (The Sundance Channel) and a best cinematography nominee at the Sundance Film Festival for GO TIGERS! (IFC).

It is my hope our work at Skycraft Studios entertains, enlightens, and inspires audiences for many years to come.



Long form:

  • STAND AND BE COUNTED directed by Todd Robinson (TLC)
  • AMARGOSA directed by Todd Robinson (The Sundance Channel)
  • GO TIGERS! directed by Kenneth Carlson (IFC)
  • MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS directed by Matthew Kallis (OWN)
  • TAINTED BLOOD directed by Jill Yesko
  • ENCOUNTER directed by Susannah O’Brien
  • REBOOT directed by Joe Kawasaki
  • THE SITUATION directed by Will Scott
  • ANNIVERSARY directed and filmed by Curt Apduhan
  • WAITING FOR GOODBYE directed and filmed by Curt Apduhan
  • THE LAST DOJO directed and filmed by William Christopher Ford

Commercial & branded content:

  • M&I BANK
  • LINE-X


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🎥 The Last Dojo
🎥 Under A Dead Sky (May 2019)

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