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Under A Dead Sky

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Skycraft Studios Honored by Pasadena Museum of History

Video Production Award















Skycraft Studios was awarded the Lynne Emery award by the Pasadena Museum of History this week for our video work on the museum’s Great History Freeze Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign was aimed at raising money to purchase large industrial sized freezers in order to preserve historic negative photographs that are currently deteriorating due to the off-gassing of chemicals over time.  These gases are toxic if not neutralized, are capable of taking out other photographs nearby and also harming curators who inhale the fumes.

Pasadena Museum of History Negatives













Caption: Historic photos of Pasadena, CA from the early to mid 1900’s including Martin Luther King Jr.
Pasadena Museum Historic Negatives













When the museum contacted us about putting together a campaign video for them we were more than happy to create something that we felt would capture the vision clearly and also bring individuals on board who ultimately would become the history loving donors to help with the purchase of the industrial freezers.

The project turned out to be a complete success raising nearly eight times the target amount set on Kickstarter.

As a result, our team was awarded the Lynne Emery award which is given once a year to a person or business that utilizes a collection to promote the Museum and make the public more aware of its holdings.

Lynne Emery Award

Caption: Pasadena Museum of History Lynne Emery Award presented to Skycraft Studios

We are incredibly humbled to receive this award and would also like to publicly thank the Pasadena Museum of History for its continuing support of Skycraft Studios and our desire to continue to create story driven films and videos that help capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences everywhere.


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