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We are an award-winning independent film & video production company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team produces videos and films including documentaries from all facets of life. You can stream our films in the "Watch" section,


Stories are what drive us to do what we love, and our goal is to share that love through our productions. Our aim is to deliver fantastic visual experiences through the stories we tell, while focusing on the heart behind our films. Take a look at some of our work and see how we can capture your story.

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are meant to stir the soul


Mission Statement

Our goal at Skycraft Studios has always been and will always be to tell stories that are relatable, and thought provoking. Our films are meant to stir the soul and instill a sense of wonderment and unbridled fascination to those who view them.

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Check out our latest film releases here including The Last Dojo, produced and directed by William Christopher Ford.

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If you wish to get a hold of us to talk about a project or would like information on joining our crew, please get in touch with us here and we will connect with you. We always look forward to making new friends.

We are a Skycraft LLC company. For more information on Skycraft, please visit our parent site below.