Although we are not limited to any one location, Skycraft Studios is drone company based in the Irvine, California serving the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Orange County areas. We are available for both aerial photography and video projects all over the globe. We use the DJI Inspire 1 with a very high resolution 4K cinematic camera to capture cinematic video and print quality still images for virtually any type of industry.

Our drone camera team is experienced and adheres to all FAA regulations regarding commercial use of our aircraft. Our pilot is also an FAA licensed private pilot with years of flight experience and we are equipped with an FAA Part 107 commercial certification. We do our absolute best to get you the shot you want within the confines of public safety. Flying safely is our number one priority.

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Skycraft Studios has a team that has been involved in aviation for nearly 10 years.  Our CEO has been a private pilot flying real passenger aircraft and we  have a strong understanding of the very strict rules for commercial drone flight. When hiring a drone company for filming, it is extremely important that you hire someone with a firm grasp on things pertaining to airspace, FAA rules and regulations, safety for all involved, and of course at the same time, someone who can deliver the type of cinematic images you require.  Our Skycraft Studios drone team has all of this covered for you.


Our background is in film & video production.  It is what we live for. We have been filming commercials, films, and music videos for nearly 15 years. A few years ago, we realized that drones were the future of aerial video production as well as aerial photography and we decided to add them to our film making arsenal.  Our goal has always been to be able to produce quality images for our clients and so we have made it a point to be not only the best ground based cinematographers we can possibly be, but we also strive the best aerial cinematographers as well. We understand the science behind getting quality cinematic shots with ground based cameras, and aerial video is simply another facet of the story telling arsenal that utilizes the same general principles but only slightly different in nature.


You may not know anything about Skycraft Studios yet, but if you ask some of our clients about us you are sure to get a very positive response.  We make our clients our number one priority.  We always have and always will.  We love establishing positive professional relationships because we want to continue to work with you after each project we complete.  Our mission is to deliver exactly what you are looking for within a reasonable amount of time.

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