Hello We Are Skycraft

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What We Do

We are an award winning independent film and video production company located in Southern California. Our team produces films & documentaries as well as commercial & music videos shot in both 4K and 1080p.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Skycraft Studios has always been and will always be to tell stories that are relatable, and thought provoking. Our films are meant to stir the soul and instill a sense of wonderment and unbridled fascination to those who view them.

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Our Work

Stories are what drive us to do what we love, and our goal is to share that love through our productions. Our aim is to deliver fantastic visual experiences through the stories we tell, while focusing on the heart behind our films.

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If you wish to get a hold of us to talk about a project or would like information on joining our crew, please get in touch with us here and we will connect with you. We always look forward to making new friends.

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Meet Our Team

Our crew is ultimately is comprised of a number of individuals who make things work. Creating films & videos can be very challenging without the right people. We love our crew and would also love for you to meet some of them.

Nate Joseph - Skycraft Studios CEO

Nate Joseph

Nate is our Founder and Lead Director for film.  With years of experience in the film and video space, Nate is a lover of cinema and also comes from a strong background in video marketing.  He is a staunch supporter of indie filmmakers and has always wanted to create a platform for aspiring film, and video makers to gain experience by having easy access to current and future fluid projects.

Curt PNG Headshot

Curt Apduhan

Curt is an Emmy winning cinematographer, producer, and director. He has worked on a number of films and documentaries and serves as a Producer and Lead Director of Photography for Skycraft Studios. Curt has been a part of the film industry for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our films. Some of his notable works include Go Tigers!, Most Valuable Players, and Amargosa. Learn more about Curt.

Rob Paulele Producer

Robert Paulele

Robert Paulele is a talented Producer and former NFL player. Rob has an eye for story and understands what it takes to make a good story a great film. He recently joined Skycraft Studios to produce our upcoming film WAYFINDERS which he is playing a large role behind the camera. Rob is also a sports consultant and works with professional sports teams from the NFL to the NBA all over the country.

Edrina Jenette Calderon - Lead Producer of Skycraft Studios

Edrina Calderon

Edrina is a Producer and Creative Director for Film.  She is an imagination factory with quite an insatiable love for film and storytelling.  Edrina is a SoCal native with a background in theater production and management.   She has one of the sharpest eyes for talent and knows how to best utilize her actors.  Edrina is one of the main creative forces behind our film projects here at the studio.

David Dawson - Skycraft Studios Executive Producer

David Dawson

David is one of our very talented Executive Producers.  With a strong track record of growing businesses and creating engaging brand videos, David is truly a leader in the creative space.  He is also a talented musician and is involved in our Soundworks division.  David came to us from the professional football world where he is still active, but also maintains a true entrepreneurial spirit being involved in a wide range of projects.

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